End of Sundance

January 30, 2011 : 4:05 am | by Cassia

View of Main Street

View of Main Street

It is the end of Sundance for us: technically the festival still has another day but we’re leaving in the afternoon so we will be missing out. Now that it’s over for me I suppose I should write a reaction to the time I spent here and all that I experienced. What an experience. Aside from just being able to attend Sundance, I got to attend Sundance for course credit! How awesome is that? Super awesome.

I was excited pretty much as soon as we started driving into Park City—there were mountains everywhere and snow! I’m a Floridian so I don’t get to see mountains or snow often, so even though it was bitterly cold at times waiting around for buses, I was always pretty excited about being here. The historic Main Street and the view of the houses in the mountains from there just exemplified how gorgeous Park City is, it’s no wonder people flock here for ten days regardless of the weather—it’s just too pretty here to care.

I learned to love the buses here, for being free and as a place where I kept meeting the best people while riding around. I had some nice conversations with a few volunteers, met a children’s literature author, a filmmaking couple, and a couple more really nice people. I had fun talking to them about not only the movies here but I also had fun geeking out about webcomics and televisions shows like Doctor Who. It was really nice to be able to talk to people here whom I shared interests with that spanned more than just making and watching films.

I saw quite a number of really great films here, some weren’t for everyone but that’s part of what independent film is about, niche audiences. I got really inspired when I saw Miwa Matreyek’s performance at the New Frontier Theater. Not only was her approach to making a film new to me, the subject matter of her Myth And Infrastructure and the way the story unfolded just filled me with all sorts of world-building ideas. Another film that I found inspiring was Resurrect Dead and it was more of the subject matter of the movie than anything—although I did like the way the animation was used to tell parts of the story. The idea of such a strange art piece showing up in so many different places anonymously, and done so well that people still have no idea who started it, amazes me. This person or group of people who started putting these signs everywhere captured the attention and imagination of so many people, and the meaning behind the signs is still debated today. It’s pretty astonishing that with so much information available to us at our fingertips there are still so many things we still do not know about one another—that is really what I think those tiles are illuminating.

I had a great time at Sundance, I saw some great films, met some great people, Nate took us out for dinner and a great day of tubing. I just really enjoyed myself while I was in Park City and maybe I’ll be able to come back to the Festival one day. For now at least I know I had a great experience and am really grateful for being able to attend.

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