Park City Snowboarding

January 30, 2011 : 4:29 pm | by Frank Arcuri

While we were out here one day a bunch of us in the class decided to hit the slopes. It was a bit expensive for the lift ticket but other than that everything worked out in our favor. The snowboard rental was cheaper than I could ever imagined, the sun was shining bright, the trails was freshly groomed, and we got some great footage of us going down the trails and hitting some jumps.

I’m not sure you can beat out west skiing when it comes to traveling domestically. I’m pretty sure I got a sunburn that day, which is great considering I didn’t come out here prepared to go snowboarding at all. I had no snow pants, or ski jacket, no gloves, no helmet, and no comfy warm socks. However, despite all that all of us had a great that time that day. I haven’t been out here since about over 3 years ago, and I couldn’t have been happier getting a half-day in at the slopes. For anyone who reads this blog, I highly recommended, especially if you’re already a skier or snowboarder, but even if you’re not that you make it out west someday to do some skiing, either Colorado, Utah, or wherever.

Some of the pros include wider trails, more upkeep on the mountains, better weather and conditions, and the general satisfaction of being atop a 10,000-foot mountain. Some of the cons include nothing, or at least nothing that you won’t find at any other mountain out west, or wherever (like expensive food, that’s just unavoidable no matter where you travel to). One of the perks of the film festival while we were here was that it kept people off the mountain. I’m not saying I would be trying to go everyday, but for the half day we went it was barren compared to other times and places. All in all get out west and do some skiing!

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