Where’s The (Cheap) Beef on Main Street?

January 30, 2011 : 11:01 am | by Will Gentile

In my limited time at Sundance and exploring Main Street in Park City, I have noticed one feature that particularly stood out about its current layout: The severe lack of cheap dining options. As my Professor, who has intimate knowledge of Park City having grown up in Utah, has pointed out, Park City is a very wealthy place, not to mention from the look of it every house seems to be the size of a small mountain. Despite those facts It is still hard for me to believe that are not any real inexpensive dining as well as retail options along Main Street. When I think of Main Street, USA I picture a small, serene place where family owned and operated businesses are the mainstay of the town and from that when it comes to quality business acumen would have cheap places among them to eat and shop. The picture I have in my mind of a main street and the reality of main street in Park City is quite different. I don’t mean to say that main street Park City is an evil place where the souls of the people there have been sold to the highest bidder or that is not a great place to explore/hang out. The fact that there is a major film festival here every year influences what is offered on Main street and to appeal to the countless tourists and many high level celebrities that flock here every January for Sundance it probably behooves one to have things that reflect these groups’ tastes. My question is then are there not celebrities that like greasy dollar a slice pizza or chinese food that is not one spring roll for nine bucks? I mean Jeremy Piven sure doesn’t mind eating a lot of cheap sushi. Anyway I have to say Main street Pizza & Noodle is an absolutely awesome place to eat and my favorite of all the restaurants I went to on Main Street but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have loved a cheap diner to go to.

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