Sundance Film: Life in a Day

January 31, 2011 : 3:54 pm | by Travis Tyler

Most touching film I saw.

Most touching film I saw.

If alien life forms were to invade this world and come face to face with the human race, they would be utterly confused. Let’s face it, we are strange creatures. Kevin Macdonald, with the help of YouTube and the Sundance Film Festival, has assembled and created Life in a Day, which honestly defines and depicts what it means to be human.

Here’s how it worked. In 2010, Macdonald planned on making a feature length documentary taking place in just one day, July 24th. Enlisting the entire global community, people from around the world were asked to film a day of their own lives and submit it. Macdonald and his team of editors sat down and sifted through about 5,000 hours of footage from places like Tanzania, Brazil, England, New Zealand, Australia, and many more to compile what they believed could tell an exceptional story of their day.

Man is born, man lives, and man dies. And in a similar way, Life in a Day is structured so. Whether one wakes up alone, next to a lover, or to the annoying alarm clock on a messy bedside table, everyone gets up eventually. And whether one falls asleep in a crowded bed of five in Zambia or passes out drunk in their Irish apartment, no one can stay awake forever.

What’s cool about Life in a Day is that we are shown so many new characters and ways of life that there isn’t a single dull moment. We see moments of sheer innocence in a newborn’s face as he awaits his mother’s embrace. Or there are moments of acceptance and love like when a young man explains to his grandmother that he’s gay, and seeing the most sincere reactions possible. There is no acting in this film, just reality.

I recommend this movie for anyone and everyone. It’s raw, powerful, and exceptionally emotional. Executed with precision through its unique and realistic approach, marks it into a category unlike anything made before it. Cheers Kevin Macdonald, for reminding me what it really means to be part of this extraordinary race.


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