Sundance Review: Shorts Program

January 31, 2011 : 7:05 pm | by Travis Tyler

Me with the makers and voices of Marcel the Shell

Me with the makers and voices of Marcel the Shell

I’m not sure if any of my fellow Sundancers from Eckerd had the pleasure of sitting through a Shorts Program, but I was lucky enough. I got there with just a few minutes to spare and found a seat inside the Holiday Village Cinema Theater.

Shorts are 3-20 minute films that can be anything from talking snails to ghetto noir films. The shorts are a nice way to break up the Sundance experience and try something different. It doesn’t allow you to get too involved in the plots or the characters, which offers a chance to try something really experimental.

One of my favorite shorts was titled Love Birds. Besides being aesthetically stunning, it managed to have me laughing my ass off. It opens with a tall, slender, naked guy running around with feathers glued all over his arms and back. The entire time, he and a female counterpart are yelling bizarre noises at each other. Next enters a rival bird-man, who is covered in bright red feathers and is equally as naked as our first character. The red-feathered bird-man yells out “LOOK AT ME!” over and over in the funniest high pitched voice, in an attempt to win over the female.

Just when you think the female bird is going to leave the first character you hear a shotgun being cocked off screen. After three loud shots are fired, all three bird-human creatures fall to the ground and are dragged off by the shotgun shooting hunter. Love Birds concludes with a shot of a rural, eastern European family sitting at a dinner table with one of our previous man birds lying face-up-naked as the main course and center piece for the occasion, while the other two hang dead over a fire.

If you don’t think this sounds as funny as it was for me, not to worry–there is a wide variety in the shorts programs at Sundance. I got to meet the director and voice actors from Marcel the Shell, which is adorably unique and humorous. Watch it here:

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  1. Beth Vogelsang Says:

    Love Marcel the Shell. She’s so cute!!