Sundance Summary

January 31, 2011 : 5:00 pm | by Travis Tyler

They say you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. I hate to say it, but that cliché consumes my mood right now. I’m sitting on the flight from Salt Lake City to Houston right now reflecting on how incredible this experience really was. Anyway, this trip was about a lot of things: the blogging, the Hollywood star sighting, and figuring out the stupid (yet handy) bus system. But for me, what was most important was the personal interaction with admirable artists.

The Films I watched include the following: The Woods, Uncle Kent, Another Earth, Take Shelter, Shorts Program III (which had Marcel the Shell and Crazy Beats Strong Every Time), The Troll Hunter, The Green Wave, The Mill & The Cross, Letters From the Big Man, Superheroes, Life in a Day, Gun Hill Road, The Cinema Hold Up, and Pariah.

Normally, when a film is finished I can’t wait to shake the sugar high that my extra large cherry-icee gave me. I want to use the bathroom and get on with the rest of my night. Sometimes, a movie will touch me and I’ll spend some time reflecting, recollecting, and analyzing it. But more often than not, movies are pure entertainment, a cure for my boredom. Sundance has taught me a different side to the art of film, the coolest collaborative medium around.

It’s hard to put into words what I was feeling and experiencing when I watched an actor (in person) choke up and drop the mic when he was describing what the film meant to him. Watching a director interrupt an audience member’s question only to zip up his zipper was a moment I don’t think anyone will appreciate unless they were there laughing alongside me. Something has to be said about watching someone on the big screen, and then sitting in a taxi next to them, cracking jokes about how many takes it took to do a scene. These kinds of experiences don’t happen at the Muvico back home.

Sundance you and I will meet again. Next time I won’t oversleep and miss a film. You just wait.


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