Banjo fills the streets of Sundance:Bramble video

February 1, 2011 : 1:22 am | by Kasey Clark

Pacing up and down Main Street as my friend James wait listed Magic Trip at The Egyptian, I made an extended stop to listen to Bramble. Perched on the street corner, these Salt Lake City natives employ a repertoire of instruments including banjo, charango(?), guitar, accordion and percussion. Bramble’s colorful songwriting and infectiously catchy harmonies are accentuated by the off-kilter sound of banjo plucks and accordion, which had me nodding my head the whole set. I even bought a few CDs to hand out to friends. Needless to say, Sundance Film Festival doesn’t only benefit independent filmmakers, but also independent musicians seeking an open-minded audience for their fledgling talent. I’m delighted to help spread the word about such a unique and promising band!

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