Mad Bastards- Film Review

February 1, 2011 : 8:16 pm | by Lindsay Comins

Mad Bastards is the story of a father’s journey attempting to re-connect with his son after being in prison for his whole life. The boy’s alcoholic mother is way less than perfect and he is a little rebellious adolescent. The film begins with showing the police at the boy’s house and his mother with a black eye, fighting with a man. One of the police officers, who happens to be the boys uncle, ends up taking him home so he can sleep on the couch.

The characters in this film were amazing and really impressed me. They all had Australian accents and had a hard, but attractive look. The boy was tan and had these amazing green eyes. The father was extremely good looking and buff, but looked tough and mean. Throughout the movie he plays a really strong, hardened man who doesn’t like to show emotion of any kind other than anger.

The end of the film was particularly heart warming and pulled the entire movie together. The boy has just acted out and broken practically everything in his room, and is sitting alone outside. He is angry that his father is around, mostly because he doesn’t believe that he is going to stay after years of him being in jail. The father comes outside, sits next to him, and begins crying. Seeing this man who was a hard-ass the whole movie cry made me empathize with the character and caused me to love the film ten times more. Even though I’ve made this sound like a complete chic flick, it really is much more than that. The story is about a struggle that many men who have gotten out of prison have to deal with, as well as the struggle that many single mothers have to deal with. It is also about rebellious adolescents and dealing with growing up without a parent. I’m sure that this film will get a distribution deal as it deals with contemporary problems that many people can identify with.

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