Magic Trip…what a trip!

February 1, 2011 : 4:12 pm | by Lindsay Comins

“I hope everyone received their complementary tab of acid at the door…If not just lick your ticket stub”. This is how the film was introduced before the directors even had a chance to say anything. The story of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters on their LSD fueled trip across the US is one for the record books. Their Further bus and the characters on it are a perfect example of the hippie culture in the 60s. Magic trip doesn’t only tell the story of Pranksters, but it is also composed completely of footage taken during the actual trip. This is what made the film amazing because it was not actors trying to portray these people on LSD; it was the actual people experiencing new dimensions and new frames of mind.

The film is for all the leftover hippies from the 60s and the hippie culture of today. It is for anyone who is interested in how acid became such a popular drug, how it became so available, and how people who have done it feel about it. In a world where we are constantly told that “drugs are bad”, Magic Trip gives a different viewpoint to other perspectives on drug use. I wouldn’t say that the film promotes the use of LSD, but I wouldn’t say that it demotes the drug either.

One of my favorite parts of the film was the recording they had of volunteers who were paid to take LSD and stay in a room for the whole trip with a window and a tape recorder. The things these patients were saying were not only hilarious, but also extremely interesting and mind-boggling. The person listening to these people rant about colors, shapes, and patterns would obviously think that this person is going crazy, and may even think they are schizophrenic. But after the drug wears off they are back to their old mindset, mostly. Its really funny to think that back in the early sixties a student at Stanford would get paid $25 to take LSD and be recorded. Wow how the times have changed.

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