Bottle Rocket

January 13, 2014 : 11:09 pm | by Maggie Sanger

Well, we did it didnt we

"Well, we did it didn't we"

Bottle Rocket is a 1996 comedy and crime film directed by Wes Anderson, co-written by Anderson and Owen Wilson. Like the title suggests, Bottle Rocket a story of guys who are reckless, unruly, and unconventional wanna-be criminals. These comedic goons are firecrackers in and of themselves are appealing because of it.

“Bottle Rocket” begins with a fake escape, which in fact is not an escape at all. This “escape” scene sets the tone for the films own schoolboy humor because, Didgnan (Owen Wilson) does not know that, Anthony (Luke Wilson), voluntarily committed himself and can walk out of the institution any time he wants. However, he had already made a plan with Dignan (Owen Wilson) to breakout. I feel that this is a fundamental part of their friendship. Anthony (Luke Wilson) and Didgnan (Owen Wilson) attitudes twards life is unconventional. Especially Didgnan (Owen Wilson), who has a constant desire for excitement and adventure to the point of sheer stupidity.

What I like best about “Bottle Rocket” was not only the contrast between the comedy that seemed to dominate what little plot there was, but the offbeat way in which the story was shot. The simplicity of the film’s visual style was really appealing to me. For example, after their almost school-kids-on-the-playground fight out in the middle of nowhere, the southern sky that is in the background seems almost to mirror that they are, in fact, living their boyhood dreams of being rebellious and not adapting to the everyday 9-5, white picket fence life.

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  1. Nathan Andersen Says:

    Love this film. You should check out this fantastic new, beautifully illustrated, book about Wes Anderson:

  2. Maggie Sanger Says:

    I really appreciate your recommendation – loved the film as well!
    I will Definitely check out the book, thanks Andersen!

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