Land Ho!

January 23, 2014 : 3:42 pm | by Maggie Sanger

Chelsea, Earl Lynn Nelson, and I

Chelsea, Earl Lynn Nelson, and I

“Its like angels pissing on your tongue.” One of the many quotes in the first scene of Land Ho! that sums up the foul-mouthed main man Mitch played by Earl Lynn Nelson. This comedy has been my favorite film of the festival so far. Its is the hilarious reuniting of two old friends, Mitch and Colin (Paul Eenhoorn) whose lives seem to be going no where fast as they approach old age.

Mitch is a lively and crude retired doctor whose makes for a great wise guy because of the fact that his personality in the film is actually Earl Lynn Nelson’s personality in real life. During the Q&A program after the film, the directors said that a lot of the scenes were unscripted. Nelson was given free reign to improvise. To me, this demonstrates how good of an actor Colin (Eenhoorn) is, and really speaks to his improvisational skills as well. Colin is a more soft-spoken man who has just recently gone through a divorce and seems a little down. These two opposing personalities make for an unconventional chemistry. I was very impressed with how the two actors seemed like they had known each other for years.

The real fun begins when Mitch surprises Colin with a trip to Iceland to liven things up a bit. To me, the journey appears a little touristy at first but it soon becomes one of self-exploration and newfound youth, or as Mitch would call it, “getting our groove back.” Although similar in numerical age, Mitch is always trying to liven things up, mainly by talking about young, beautiful women or lighting up a joint while Colin seems to become more aware of his aging. And although there never seemed to be a truly climatic moment in the story, I was left with hugely satisfying little triumphs or victories, like the two dancing on the beach, going to night clubs and finding out about glow sticks, or taking questionable pictures while posing with a lighthouse.

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