A fancy night with Flea

January 24, 2014 : 11:55 pm | by Dominick Cuppetilli

Flea plays bass in a jazz set

The night started with me seeing a photo on Instagram that Flea (bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) would be at a certain Sundance event celebrating music in film. I had no idea if he was just going to be moseying around, or playing, or what, but regardless I knew would be there to find out.

Heckler and I went to the Sundance house where the event would be held and got in the relatively short line at about 7:30. We don’t really know what the process will be to get in, nor does anyone in line around us. At about 8 o’clock a volunteer walks over and explains there is another line around the corner for VIP pass-holders, and that we would be let in as space allowed. Apparently this was a pretty exclusive get together.

So another 15-20 minutes goes by and we are finally at the front. Just before this we realize that it is a 21 and over event, and Heckler is only 20. I quickly tell him to throw some extra tickets in front of the part of the badge that has “UNDER 21” stamped onto it, and the volunteers checking badges give a quick look and thought nothing of it. So we got our wristbands with complementary drink coupons and were in!

We walk in and see that there is a small food spread with some steak cubes and chicken filled pastries, complete with those fancy shot glass looking things with fine cheese and peppers. If nothing else we know the night will be a success for the free food alone. The steak was so good that a vegetarian admitted to breaking her meat-free streak to indulge in them.

After we’ve had our fill, we walk over to the music area where Elle Fanning is performing some spoken word poetry accompanied by a saxophone and piano. She is part of the set attributed to her film in the festival, Low Down. The saxophonist and pianist did another couple songs before Glenn Close read poetry as well. After she had finished, the real show began.

Flea took the stage to perform with the saxophonist and pianist in a soft jazz set. This must have been a once in a lifetime opportunity set to hear. I have seen the Chili Peppers perform in a big stadium and in a festival atmosphere, and Flea always brings something unique to the stage. But this was something really special, and very intimate. He only played a few songs, but it was incredible to see him basically improvise a beat to go with the sax and piano.

After the jazz was over we headed to the bar area and mingled with some cool people, cashing in our remaining drink coupons. The music area had its mellow seating area removed for the dance floor to get opened up in preparation for the more upbeat performers to go on. We stayed for a bit longer just listening to the music, and then called it a night. But what a night it was, full of free food, fun people, and good music; and all because of Instagram.

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  1. Lexy Ford Says:

    “All because of Instagram”… haha sounds like an awesome night!

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