Sponsors at Sundance

January 24, 2014 : 8:23 pm | by Lexy Ford

Chelsea and I snapping silly photos at the Acura Tent

So here we are on the ninth day of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and I keep wondering to myself if I’m going to have enough room in my suitcase for all of the souvenirs I acquired along the way. There are a ton of places giving out free Sundance stuff on and around Main Street. In fact, when we arrived here we all got little green water bottles thanks to Brita, although I don’t have to worry about packing that one anymore since mine broke and spilled all over me earlier today. All of the sponsors at Sundance play an important role at the festival each year. Not only do they get to promote their products, but they also provide fun activities for festival goers. There are quite a few companies sponsoring the festival this year and each has something unique to offer. My personal favorite is the Morning Star Farms Veggie Burger Bar. Morning Star offered free vegetarian and vegan meals to all the hungry people on Main Street from January 16th-January 21st. People lined up outside the door for these tasty and free meals!

Another sponsor that has a lot to offer the festival is Youtube. Youtube’s building always has free coffee and tea which comes in handy when you need to step off Main Street and take a break from the cold. The Youtube building is a great place to visit if you’re looking to mingle with some filmmakers and artists, wanting to attend a panel to learn more about what Youtube has to offer, or just grab some free food and drinks. Acura is also here sponsoring Sundance this year, and they have quite the set-up at the bottom of Main Street. The Acura lounge, like Youtube, has free snacks and drinks, but also offers an exciting photo booth which is inside the newest Acura model that you and your friends can snap some silly pictures in. Then of course, you also have the main Sundance House, sponsored by HP, where you can take a look at how films are made. Students are downstairs working on projects in Final Cut Pro X and you can watch over their shoulders and ask questions as you wander by. There is also an interactive wall that provides a collection of past Sundance films and you can scroll through and click on them to learn more.

These are only a few of the many sponsors here at Sundance this year. There is also Loreal, where you can get free makeovers, Chase Saphire which seems to be a building that people are always having tons of fun in but the security guard out front won’t let me in, Airbnb, Canon, Utah Film Commision, and a few more. Thanks to the sponsors of Sundance, there is always something to explore and tons of excess stuff that I now have to find a way to shove in my suitcase.


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