Best freebies @ Sundance 2014

January 25, 2014 : 6:02 pm | by Aaron Levy

Sundance is as independent a festival as Canada is proud to have spawned young Biebs. Not at all. Luckily, we’ll let it slide because we’re still kids and we all like free shit. So what benefits of shameless corporate sponsorship did we reap? Here are some of the coolest things

Alpine and Mediterranean slammed.

Loads of Morning Star Veggie Burgers
Morning Star (which is owned by Kellogg’s) really turned it up to 11 this week. These guys rented out a decently-sized venue in the heart of Main Street to serve up delicious twists on your classic vegetarian burger. I don’t know if you guys have ever tasted these things but they are so not what you think of when you think of “veggie burgers.” The lines were always moving fast, drinks were free and you could come back as many times as you wanted. It helped to keep eating at Sundance cheap, which isn’t always easy when.


Field Notes
I don’t know why these are cool but they really are pretty fun. I feel like someone much more interesting than your average iPhone addict when I carry one around. Airbnb hooked it up daily with free coffee, snacks and Field Notes booklets at the Airbnb Haus, a cool little venue they rented, gutted and redesigned for the festival. It was like being instantly teleported to San Francisco and hanging out with all the Silicon Valley guys that the rest of that city hates and complains about contributing to gentrification. Honestly, though, this week is all about consumption so why not.

American Apparel Fingerless Gloves
I’m not a fan of American Apparel whatsoever but these were beyond clutch because, if you didn’t know, Park City is cold as fuck when the sun ducks behind the mountains. When I went and lost one glove on the bus home late one night, I wanted to act like it wouldn’t be a big deal but it was. It really, really was… Lucky for me a bunch of really skinny people wearing colorful skinny pants handed me a pair of these one night as I was contracting first degree frostbite. Not really, but they’re great because you can use your phone and look like a douche as you walk up and down Main Street. That, after all, is what Sundance is all about.

Also good for pissing into in crowded theaters

Also good for pissing into in crowded theaters

Brita Nalgene Bottles
Low key, I actually never brought mine with me when I left the condo each day, but at least I had the option to. Park City is pretty high up in the mountains, at least compared to St. Petersburg and Austin, so feeling sick and lightheaded actually happened a lot. Thanks Brita for giving me the false sense of security that I would stay hydrated and for contributing to a lot of people getting up and causing a ruckus when they had to pee in the middle of a completely filled theater.


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