Sundance: The love-hate relationship in Park City

January 25, 2014 : 7:34 pm | by Maggie Sanger

Lexy Ford)

aerial view of Utah mountains (photo credit: Lexy Ford)

Can I quote you on this? “Yeah, my name is John Fucking Doe.” A local resident of Park City, had some mixed feelings about the Sundance Film Festival being held in his city. This got me thinking about how the locals REALLY feel about the festival and all its brought or taken away from the city. Over the past few days I have been asking some local residents, other than John Fucking Doe, what they thought were the pro’s ands con’s of the festival.

Besides the “general annoyance,” of John Fucking Doe, I got minimal negative feedback from other locals I talked to. Across the board, the one thing on the top of everyone’s list was that parking lots and garages that used to be free were not anymore. So now, not only do they have to get up earlier for work to find parking, they have to get up early and pay to go to work! Another con was how crowded the favorite local spots were during the festival. The locals cant get into their favorite bars and restaurants because of how packed and sometimes how tight security is.

Luckily, the advantages and positive feelings far outweighed some of the negative opinions. From the local’s perspective, the biggest pro was by far the open slopes. Because of the festival, everyone is going to the events and movies instead of skiing or snowboarding. This leaves the slopes fairly empty and the locals get to enjoy them all for themselves for a week. Because of the huge influx of people, housing prices rise, which is great for Park City homeowners who want to rent out their places during Sundance. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs also profit off of this flood of people. They can increase their food, drink, and entry prices and people in the service industry get more tips. I think one of the greater advantages for park city is that, not only does the money that comes into the city helps provide free year-round public transportation, but Sundance gets together with the local high school to repave their parking lot every year.

Although there are mixed feelings, I am grateful to Park City and the locals for allowing all of us to come “take over” for a great week of laughter, music, delicious food, and inspiring films.

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