Cooties: What it is and What it isn’t

January 28, 2014 : 8:53 pm | by Ben Elliot

"Oh look, carnage!" -Doug

So what does Ian Brennan (writer of Glee) have in common with Leigh Whannell (writer of Saws I-III)? Nothing! On to the review…no, wait, I messed that up. They wrote Cooties together and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s strange. I’ll just start off by saying that the film was most certainly entertaining. I attended a midnight screening with two buddies and the theater was filled with energy and laughter from start to finish.

This film provides a fun and fairly unique perspective on the zombie film. That said, while I found some of the jokes and deliveries to be hysterically funny, others fell flat in ways that I didn’t expect. The best example of this is in Leigh Whannell’s character Doug who provides some of the funniest lines of the film but occasionally delivers a joke that feels just a bit too obvious. The only other flaw to my mind was in the metaphor of the young zombies in the film. It seemed obvious that the fact that only prepubescent children could be infected with this zombie-ish cootie was attempting to provide some clever insight unto the experience of being that age. Unfortunately, the metaphor is never really given the proper opportunity to offer any of the insight that it set itself up to offer. The only real expansion on the metaphor is when they give the infected kids adderall which, rather than amping them up, puts them to sleep.

I am, of course, knitpicking here as it is abundantly clear that the film’s primary objective is to entertain us rather than provide witty social commentary. Cooties was a fun and new take on the modern horror-comedy and is surely worth a viewing once it arrives in theaters, as long as you’re not expecting something other than some quick and dirty laughs and screams (but mostly laughs).

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