How to Meet People at Sundance

January 29, 2014 : 6:33 pm | by Connor Heckler

I met quite a few people at Sundance. I think that may have been the most fun, meeting people. I met a producer, an editor, a composer, and even possible executive producers and/or narrators for my film. I also met more characters than I can count. Here’s how I met so many people.

First of all, people are almost always going to be whereever it is cheapest to be warm in Park City. This year that was the Airbnb Haus and Filmmaker’s Lodge. Do not return to living quarters until you’re ready to sleep. Airbnb Haus had free coffee beverages (from something as simple as a pour-over to a complex cappuccino) and a wall of free food for you to eat while sitting. Coffee, food, and a place to sit. Anything else is simply not necessary. So there’s no reason to go home. You need to be working Main Street like Jon Voight did in Midnight Cowboy.

Airbnb Haus is the most likely place to find directors. That’s where I found Noaz Deshe, director of White Shadow. This lead to a great interview that Ben taped with Noaz. You won’t meet people like Noaz if you don’t go to where the people are.

You must go to parties. Remember,  everyone can greenlight you until you know otherwise. Just be friendly to people. Mr.Roger’s number one tip for success in life was to be kind. Just be nice to people! If it doesn’t get you a contact, it could get you a number of other things. After befriending a crossing guard, I’d get across the street faster. It’s really that easy.

There’s really nothing to it. Try to sound interesting so people will want to give you a card. But besides that, just be friendly to people and you’ll find good things coming toward you. If you’re not interesting than do try to memorize some fun facts. For instance, Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo all mean “capital” in their respective languages. The center of our galaxy smells of rum and tastes or raspberry. See? It’s really all very easy.

The best tip though is to be as amazing as me. Now, I know how hard that can be. It’s not easy being as amazing as me, it’s a big burden to carry. Sometimes even I struggle under the weight of it, but that’s the only thing I struggle at. But just keep working at it and you’ll find yourself seeing people you know everytime you walk down Main street. No really, you will. It’ll get annoying after a while.

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