Liar’s Dice: Sweet, but Pointless

January 29, 2014 : 12:37 am | by Connor Heckler

Liar’s Dice is a very moving story of a woman, Kamla, from the hills of India (near the Tibetan border) who leaves her village with her daughter, Manya, (and her pet goat) to find her husband, a migrant worker in Delhi who has not contacted his wife in five months. Along the way, she teams up with Nawazuddin (who is sitting only feet away as I type this) a rough and tumble man on the run for reasons never fully explained. Together they take turns trying to keep their search running smoothly.

The film portrays the dismal state of security measures on construction sites and serves to “give a story to the statistics” of the number of migrant workers killed on a job site. But it does so either poorly or barely at all, I do not think there will be a great uprising in support for the migrant workers of India because of this film. The film also has the issue of lacking any sort of discernible plot.

I was always taught that a story is what “happens” and plot a way to express an idea. Plot not being the reason for the story’s existence, but a way to flesh out an idea. In this sense, Liar’s Dice has a very good story. But I wonder if director Geethu Mohandas actually has anything to say or if she just wants everyone to feel bad for the lead. What is the point of this film? To show us that working conditions on Indian construction sites are awful? I assure you, Mrs.Mohandas, a wikipedia article could have done that. You must justify this film.

The film is brilliantly written though. The talented actors are interesting to watch as they struggle with their characters. Kamla, though, I find to be an incredibly annoying character. She is needlessly spiteful and often rude, at first I thought maybe this was the movie trying to create its point but it proved only to be a flaw of character. A flaw of an incredibly annoying character.

In the end, a great movie.

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