Sundance in a Nutshell

January 30, 2014 : 4:00 pm | by Chelsea Fearn

Parting is such sweet sorrow. So in attmepts to be clever here is a ficticious submission to my Diary that mentions just about all the films that I saw.

Dear Diary,

Today as I was walking to the box office I was listening to ‘Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now’ by Starship, which is a great song, so naturally I was dancing and as a result I ended up slipping on the ice, which then opened up a cut that I got from shaving earlier that morning, what a great start to the day! But anyways I get to the box office and they barely have any tickets left, so I don’t even bother buying any. Instead I look for somewhere to eat, I settle on Asian cuisine and order a plate of dumplings and a huge glass of water. It’s so dry in Utah, I am constantly thirsty! Thank goodness Park City isn’t in a drought.

So I decide to waitlist a movie and the movie is playing at The Yard so I start heading over after my meal. As I’m walking, I stumble upon a cemetery, which is kind of creepy seeing as it’s so close to downtown. But what’s even creepier is that there were all theses hole near the head stones, like they had just been dug up. Totally bizarre. I finally get to the stop and I’m trying to stay warm when out of nowhere two bicyclist come rushing by, I don’t know where they were going but the chick dropped her phone that’s not good.

The movie I saw was ‘The Signal’ I thought it was pretty good, the main character was hot, and for a Sci-Fi film I liked it. After the movie I went to the Italian restaurant for dinner with the rest of the group. It was super fun, they were drinking wine and I was kind of jealous but its ok. After dinner we started heading home aka another bus stop. So as we are all waiting for the bus, (which is taking its time to get there) the city seems to turn in to a completely difference place it appears as if a whole new set of characters come out to party.

It’s a great time for people watching, and I think there was a costume party near by because a group of guys passed us wearing old Victorian clothing and they really looked the part.

So we get back to the house and immediately turn the fire on to warm up. The house we are staying in looks over a lake, I think it would be awesome if it were a hot spring, because that way I could enjoy the snow while keeping warm, everybody wins!

So as the night goes on we are all dancing, and it’s all throw back songs! Songs from the oldies and songs from our childhood and we are all dancing and having so much fun. Before I know I’m waking up to my alarm clock the next day, it’s as if I was walking around in my sleep the whole night.

Films Mentioned: Sleepwalker, Young Ones, Alive inside, Skeleton twins, Wetlands, Trip to Italy, Land ho, Boyhood, What we do in the shadows, Life after Beth, 52 Tuesdays, the disobedient, the signal.

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