Highlights and Lowlights

January 31, 2014 : 4:49 pm | by Chelsea Fearn

What a trip. The Sundance Film Festival was an amazing experience and one that I will surely remember. Although, all parts of the festival were amazing there are some moments that stood out more than others.

Highlights: While all the films were exceptional my experience there made it worthwhile. Maggie, Lexy and I met the composer, writer and cinematographer of Wish I Was Here, the composer had beautiful eyes and we bonded over our love of CD’s. I also met two producers in the line to Life After Beth that told me they gave up the film and wanted to see what they were missing, they both agreed it was one they should have kept. They also gave me free tickets to a couple of movies afterwards, which I thought was really nice. In my attempts of ‘Selfies with Clebrities’ the cast of the The Disobedient tried to dissuade me from thinking they were celebrities. They were up for taking the pictures but told me there was no point because they weren’t celebrities but they were celebrities to me! Also, I found it exciting to see actors and actresses roam the street like normal people, I would watch a film and then later in the day I would be having lunch with the main character! And of course my highlighted top five films were Boyhood, Happiness, Skeleton Twins, God Help the Girl, and Appropriate Behavior.

Lowlights: If you go up you must go down and God’s Pocket was definitely a downer; I know that the world isn’t full of happy endings but this movie is just very dark and depressing. The actors were good and the characters were portrayed well but the movie didn’t really quite come together. Another disappointment was when we didn’t get to meet Zach Braff. He drove by us in his car and did not look happy to be there. Also I couldn’t get into any of the clubs, not like I really wanted to but I love to dance and the bouncer were depriving me of my passion.

The good (as always) triumphed over evil, and the day was saved by my good idea and love of snow! But really I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back!

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