Post Sundance

January 31, 2014 : 4:51 pm | by Chelsea Fearn

It would appear that we took some of the cold from Utah and brought it down to Florida with us. I find it ironic because the dark and stormy weather is perfect for movie watching; only now we have other obligations. Bits and pieces of each film play in the back of my head as if part of me is still sitting in a theatre watching the same movies over and over again.

I find myself randomly laughing at what my friends say because it reminds of a film. However when I explain why I am laughing they usually start laughing at me because they have no idea what I am talking about. The films were just so good that I want to share them with everyone right now! That way the film class can go on forever! But patience is a virtue, so I look forward to the summer, when not only can I say, “It’s good, I’ve already seen it” but I can have a conversation with him or her about the film.

I have never wanted to talk about film as much as I do right now. I am nowhere near as knowledgeable as a film student but I now know enough to keep up a conversation especially when there is so much to talk about! My grandmother sends me the New York Times movie reviews I have started to read them more thoroughly before recycling them. I look forward to telling her about the new films that are coming out over the summer.

I have always loved watching movies, I even dress up, clap, and wait till the credits end before I leave. I find myself thinking about my life as a movie and continue to try and convince my friends to go see indie films.

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