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Where to Go: Yellow Snow

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

For those of you caffeine addicts who, like me, love coffee but feel guilty giving those corporate bastards at Starbucks and Einstein’s your money, do not despair- I have found us a watering hole!  Just steps away from Prospector Square, Yellow Snow is coffee shop with offerings  as unique as it’s name.  From artisanal roasted coffees to dank sandwiches, Yellow Snow has a diverse menu set at affordable prices (especially for Park City). Mostly frequented by locals, Yellow Snow is rarely crowded, making it a great place to escape the bustle of Main St. Equipped with free wifi and ample seating room it is perfect for working/studying. Big blue velvet couches and yellow walls give this place a cozy vibe and even if you forget your headphones it’s not that bad because they play pretty decent music ( i.e. Ratatat, the Doors, and Peter Tosh). The service is fast and friendly and there is live music every weekend but the best thing about Yellow Snow is no doubt the homemade ice cream. It is made fresh every morning by the owner himself -Italian gelato style in exotic flavors like chai tea latte, blueberry muffin, and local Utah brewery’s very own Oatmeal Stout. Even in the dead of winter ice cream has never been so appealing.