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Sherman’s March

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Pat, the first subject of Ross affection, goes for a dipIt’s hard to comprehend exactly how a guy could get away with making a two and a half hour film called Sherman’s March about southern women and himself but that’s just what Ross McElwee did with his 1986 indie doc classic. The film treads the line between documentary and mockumentary with relative ease and keeps you smiling along the way. The film begins like a PBS special, an ominous voice over a map showing the route of Union Maj. William Tecumseh Sherman’s infamous march toward the sea, noting its residual impact on the formerly confederate states. However, the film quickly shifts direction when McElwee explains how he has just received a grant to shoot his historical documentary about Sherman’s March but, because his girlfriend Ann dumped him the day he planned to begin filming, decides instead to join his family on an annual wilderness retreat. Thus begins Ross McElwee’s epic and lustful journey to court–or at least explore the subject of–southern women.


The Green Wave

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

“Green is the color of hope. Green is the color of Islam.” The Green Wave opens to animation of a young boy running down the street with the narrator talking about how his nation has been searching for its lost voice for over one hundred and fifty years. He talks about how for a few short weeks his generation felt like they were closer to that goal than they’d ever been before, but he is afraid that as it had been before, it was nothing more than an illusion. (more…)