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Saturday, January 25th, 2014

This morning I finally got the chance to see the film I was most excited about. I read about it in the brochure before we left for Sundance and told myself it was one I couldn’t miss. Fed Up directed by Stephanie Soechtig left me leaving the theater full of ambitions and hope for future change in the American food industry. This documentary revealed some of the horrifying truths about what we as Americans are consuming on a daily basis and how detrimental these products can be to our health. Everyone in the audience is presented with a handful of case studies and is told heartbreaking stories along with loads of statistics and evidence on obesity rates and nutritional value. Fed Up reveals that the long-held misconception that less calories and more exercise leads to lowering obesity rates is simply a tactic being used to cover up the real danger in our foods; sugar. The nation is being deceived by major food corporations into thinking that labels on products are truthful. (more…)

The Sleepwalker Film Review

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Gitte Witt and Stephanie Ellis in The Sleepwalker

Gitte Witt and Stephanie Ellis in The Sleepwalker

If you’re looking for a suspenseful mystery this year at Sundance, I have found just the film for you! The Sleepwalker directed by Mona Fastvold had the audience on the edge of their seats the whole way through. The film opens to a woman named Kaia coming home to her boyfriend, Andrew, who is renovating the house that Kaia had grown up in. Later that night, Kaia receives a phone-call from her sister (Chris) whom she had not spoken with for a long time due to some mysterious event that had happened many years ago. The sister asks for Kaia to pick her up from the train station because she desperately needs a place to stay. The following day Chris’s boyfriend arrives and the two ask to stay at Kaia’s place for a while. The two couples awkwardly get acquainted and from here on out the suspense continues climbing as the audience gets more intimate with the past of the two sisters and their deceased father. It is soon revealed that Chris sleepwalks at night and one night she goes missing which seems to trigger a change in each of the characters for the remainder of the movie. After sleepless nights, and a brutal fight the film leaves the audience with a million unanswered questions and a rush of frustration. We are left to figure out on our own where Chris may have gone and what had happened between the sisters in their past. (more…)

What is Independent Film?

Monday, January 13th, 2014

The definition of Independent film is not something that can be easily explained and I would argue that there are many misconceptions about what entitles a film to be classified as ‘independent’ or ‘indie’. Prior to reading Michael Z. Newman’s “Indie: an American Film Culture” and before the viewing of examples in class, I am willing to admit that I had a pretty shallow idea about what it meant to call a film ‘independent’. I had hardly considered some of the major contributing elements that are mentioned in Newman’s book. Newman explains that ‘indie’ does not simply refer to a genre of film making, but rather is an encompassing term for the culture of independent film. At first, this seemed like a somewhat difficult concept to understand, but through Newman’s explanations it becomes obvious how essential it is to acknowledge indie as a culture.

Recognizing ‘indie’ as a culture allows for a better understanding of both the history and general aspirations of independent film and their creators. Due to the broad explanation of ‘indie’ that Newman offers it is discovered that classifying films as independent may be more difficult due to the lack of strict defining characteristics so to better our understanding, he offers us three slogans or exemplars of what distinguishes independent films from Hollywood films. These three exemplars are; characters are emblems, form is a game, and when in doubt, read as anti-Hollywood. (more…)

Eraserhead – Film Review

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Scene in Eraserhead when baby is being birthed out of Henrys collar

Scene in Eraserhead when baby is being 'birthed' out of Henry's collar

Eraserhead, directed by David Lynch is an interesting yet disturbing film that tells a story about Henry Spencer (Jack Nance) and his girlfriend Mary X (Charlotte Stewart). Mary has recently given birth to a premature, mutant baby and the frustrated mother storms out of Henry’s apartment leaving him to care for the child. Henry’s soon discovers the child is very ill and tries to care for him. Throughout the film, Henry experiences many emotions towards the child and becomes increasingly frustrated towards him. There are a number of dream sequences which give us an idea about what is going on in Henry’s mind which is helpful to the viewer since there is so little dialogue throughout the film. (more…)