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El Mariachi –Film Review

Friday, January 10th, 2014

El Mariachi (1993)

El Mariachi (1993)

On paper, Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi (1993) seems ludicrous. A transient mariachi comes to the city of Acuña, Mexico, where an enormous hit squad confuses him for their mark –an assassin whom the local drug lord has put a hit on –because, like the mariachi, this assassin wears all black and carries a guitar case, though his holds only weapons. Armed with a guitar and whatever weapons he can recover from the gangsters he kills, the mariachi spends the film successfully fighting off his attackers while trying to figure out just why everyone wants him dead. (I know what you’re thinking; No, his music was excellent, so it couldn’t have been that he was just annoying.) Additionally, El Mariachi had a production budget of only $7,000. Thankfully, Rodriguez’s fast paced, grab-and-dash editing makes the film hugely exciting and forces viewers to suspend all disbelief.