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Eraserhead – Film Review

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Scene in Eraserhead when baby is being birthed out of Henrys collar

Scene in Eraserhead when baby is being 'birthed' out of Henry's collar

Eraserhead, directed by David Lynch is an interesting yet disturbing film that tells a story about Henry Spencer (Jack Nance) and his girlfriend Mary X (Charlotte Stewart). Mary has recently given birth to a premature, mutant baby and the frustrated mother storms out of Henry’s apartment leaving him to care for the child. Henry’s soon discovers the child is very ill and tries to care for him. Throughout the film, Henry experiences many emotions towards the child and becomes increasingly frustrated towards him. There are a number of dream sequences which give us an idea about what is going on in Henry’s mind which is helpful to the viewer since there is so little dialogue throughout the film. (more…)