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Saturday, January 25th, 2014

This morning I finally got the chance to see the film I was most excited about. I read about it in the brochure before we left for Sundance and told myself it was one I couldn’t miss. Fed Up directed by Stephanie Soechtig left me leaving the theater full of ambitions and hope for future change in the American food industry. This documentary revealed some of the horrifying truths about what we as Americans are consuming on a daily basis and how detrimental these products can be to our health. Everyone in the audience is presented with a handful of case studies and is told heartbreaking stories along with loads of statistics and evidence on obesity rates and nutritional value. Fed Up reveals that the long-held misconception that less calories and more exercise leads to lowering obesity rates is simply a tactic being used to cover up the real danger in our foods; sugar. The nation is being deceived by major food corporations into thinking that labels on products are truthful. (more…)