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My Festival Experience

Sunday, January 30th, 2011
Main Street, Park City

Main Street, Park City

Being in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival (and all of the stuff going on around it, like Slamdance) was definitely an exciting and memorable experience. It was amazing to see the US premieres (and in several cases the world premieres) of the newest indie films and not knowing if you just saw a movie that will be the next big thing or a movie that will never be seen again by anyone who didn’t see it here. I found myself genuinely hoping for all of the movies I saw to receive the highly sought after distribution deals, especially after the Q&A sessions with the directors, casts, and crews. They all put so much passion, heart, and effort into an endeavor that may be their big break, but could also come to nothing. I have even more respect now for the amount of work that goes into making a film and especially into making one that makes it to this level. I also feel like I have a slightly better grasp now on the ever-elusive term “independent film.” (more…)

Rutger Hauer says Hi to Eckerd College: A Video Blog

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Last night a bunch of us (Hannah, David, Will, Chris, Cassia, and I) went to the Library Theater to catch the midnight premiere of Hobo With A Shotgun.  The movie, starring Rutger Hauer as the hobo, was ridiculous and awesome.  It’s gotten a distribution deal with Magnet Releasing, so if you get a chance to see it I definitely recommend it (as long as you’re not easily offended by blood, guts, profanity, or nudity).  After the film and the Q & A session with the director and cast, I got lucky enough to catch Rutger Hauer by himself just outside the theater and he was nice enough to let me get a video of him saying “Hi” to Eckerd College.  He also gave me a hug, which pretty much made my year.  He’s definitely the coolest, nicest celebrity I’ve ever met.  So here he is, Rutger Hauer, in all his awesomeness, saying hi to everyone back at Eckerd:

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