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The Story Beyond the Still

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

On the way to seeing Dreaming Of Lucid Living I arrived at the New Frontier Theater a lot earlier than I anticipated so I took a look around. I had never been to New Frontier before but I had been to other venues such as the Library Theater and Prospector Square Theater so I was expecting something similar to those—it is nothing like that. New Frontier consists of three buildings, the main red one in the center and a blue one and a green one off to each side. The Blue House was where I had to go to see Dreaming of Lucid Living, but due to the amount of time I had to wait I decided to explore. I found my way over to the Green House where there was some event going on, all I heard was they were having some Q&A about something, I had no idea what for or who was talking. It was cold though so I went in to see what was going on. Apparently you had to have an invitation to be at the event, but I sat in and wasn’t asked to leave. (more…)