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Bodily Fluids and Avocado Sex: A Review of “Wetlands”

Sunday, January 19th, 2014
Carla Juri is Helen in Wetlands

Carla Juri is Helen in "Wetlands"

There is so much going on in Park City this week that it really is impossible to do it all. Amid the big-name features, poignant documentaries and parties filled with beautiful people (and the fat guy from “Lost”), one film seems to be on everyones tongue: “Wetlands,” or as people have been referring to it, the film about the girl who masturbates with vegetables.

Billed by Buzzfeed as “The Most WTF, NSFW (what the fuck, not safe for work) Movie At This Year’s Sundance Film Festival,” the German film is much more than that, but you still will be squirming throughout. Adapted from the bestselling novel of the same name, it is a female coming-of-age picture that makes other popular coming-of-age pictures look like children’s programming on PBS.

Helen (Carla Juri) is, in her own words, a “living pussy hygiene experiment,” whose life has been shaped by her neurotic, tormenting mother and careless but vaguely loving father. Brought up to be extra vigilant about cleanliness, especially in regards to femininity, Helen throws it all out the window when her parents get divorced following the birth of her younger brother.