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The Evil Dead (1981) Review

Sunday, January 12th, 2014
Theater Release Poster, Evil Dead (1981)

Theater Release Poster, Evil Dead (1981)

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy are some of the mostĀ successful cult films of the 80’s, and launched the cinematic careers of both Raimi and lead actor Bruce Campbell. When most discuss the series, they will often talk about the manic style, or the downright silly tone of as a catchphrase spewing CampbellĀ evisceratesĀ demons with his chainsaw arm and sawed-off shotgun. Though that is what the series is known for, those were all aspects of the sequel, Evil Dead II, a horror comedy that begins with a redacted remake of the original film. Because of this, many people either ignore or forget the first film, despite its unique execution and dramatically different tone.