Eckerd College Search and Rescue

Eckerd College Search and Rescue


EC-SAR is a highly motivated group of volunteer students who are dedicated to serving the community.  Although students do not receive pay or academic credit for their participation, intrinsic rewards and the opportunity to learn and practice unique skills are the motivators for membership.

Members volunteer 12-15 hours each week for training, meetings, and equipment repair. In addition, students are on call for one 24-hour period every three days.  They patrol the waters of Tampa Bay on weekends, and they monitor radio calls during the evenings.

Team Staff monitor every student's academic performance, as this is each student's first priority. The program's staff helps students learn to manage their time so that EC-SAR does not cause a conflict with their academic life and students are able to fulfill their commitment to the team.

The high expectations placed upon members elevates the commitment level among students, and introduces a level of camaraderie, pride, and performance that has allowed the program to earn its reputation as being of the highest quality. Participation as a student member of EC-SAR develops maturity and discipline, and instills a commitment to volunteerism that will benefit their community after graduation.

If you are interested in becoming a student member of EC-SAR, please fill out the membership form.


Upcoming Events

Fall Term 2015 Begins
August 31

A Toss to Remember
2nd Annual Cornhole Tournament
September 12th at 11am
Archibald Park, Madeira Beach

11th Annual Triton Inshore Slam Fishing Tournament
Friday, November 6

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