Eckerd College Search and Rescue

Eckerd College Search and Rescue


EC-SAR students train rigorously in a program designed to build both skill and conceptual understanding of the procedures used in maritime search and rescue.

Each member participates in an intensive, nine-month training program designed to develop a standard proficiency level in the basic skills:

  • Phase I, II, and III: Required progression for all first year team members covering basic seamanship, marlinespike, and rescue techniques.
  • Second Mate:  Further development into advanced rescue techniques.

After completing these sequences of training, interested members may then pursue specialized training in:

  • First Mate:  Go aboard vessels we assist, lead crew and run deck aboard SRU.
  • First Responder:  Provide first aid to stabilize and transport injured persons to paramedics.
  • Coxswain:  Pilot single outboards on cases of lower complexity.
  • Boat Captain:  Pilot larger rescue vessels on more complex cases.

Students also learn how to function in our Operations/Communication center:

  • Radio Operator:  Monitors VHF, 800mHz, and phone communications.  Assists in the completion of computerized case records.
  • Operations Coordinator:  Supervise the Operations/Communications center and assist the SAR Coordinator in decision-making and case progression. 

The first Phase of training is complete as a trial to full team membership.  Upon successful completion of Phase I, trainees are invited to sign a one-year service contract to continue their participation.

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