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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you play my band on your radio station?

Maybe. It depends on whether we like your band. Seriously though, we love your submissions. If you'd like your music to be considered for airplay, here's what you do:

Send a CD to:
Attn: Adds
Campus Box D
4200 54th Avenue South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

CDs, people. We want CDs. No links, no streaming audio, no massive mp3 attachments in emails. If you try to link us to your Myspace page, we will cry tears of rage and frustration. We want your audio. If we like it, then we might visit your website, but probably not. Press kits are discouraged, unless you send them in really sweet folders that we can reuse to finish organizing the sheet music for our David Hasselhoff tribute opera. CDs sent to us will not be returned. We try to listen to everything that comes in the door. Be patient. Don't call to follow up. Don't be that guy. Seriously.

Can I work at WECX?

Are you a current student, faculty or staff member? Then yes. Click here to find out how.