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WECX - Greetings Radioland

Your Barry White voice needs a job.

Work Here

WECX is run by students, which means that all the staff positions available at the stations are filled by students (with the exception of DJ positions, wich can be held by students, faculty or staff). Are you a student? Yes, you. Then you can work here. I'll bet you'd like to know what you might be doing. Read the job descriptions below for details.

Available WECX Staff Positions

Assistant Manager (Multiple Openings)
The Assistant Manager/Music Director assists the General Manager in running WECX. Specifically, s/he oversees the station's financial records; approves all fiscal expenditures with the General Manager; represents WECX at all Media Committee, ECOS and Student Senate meetings when the General Manager cannot attend; takes over the operation of the station in the General Manager's absence; oversees the work-scholars and assigns them tasks in consultation with other staff members; assigns projects to and supervises the Disc Jockeys; and assists in general maintenance of the equipment. The Assistant Manager also assumes those tasks assigned by the General Manager not covered here.

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Program Director
The Program Manager is responsible for managing the remainder of the staff. Tracks DJ attendance and assists the Assistant Manager and Manager as needed.

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Disc Jockey (Multiple Openings)
The Disc Jockeys are to develop on-air programming.

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How to Apply

Download the appropriate application form, fill it out and return it to the Radio Station Office (Brown Hall) prior to the listed deadline. At the station office, you will need to also sign up for an interview time. Please call the General Manager for more information at 727.864.8419.