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Past WECX Events

WECX Presents: Jazz Concert @ The Pub

WECX Jazz Concert WECX Jazz Concert

WECX Presents:
Jazz Concert
Februrary 16th @ The Pub at Eckerd College - 8pm
Full beverage service with two forms of ID.

WECX Presents: Streaming Party at the new cafeteria patio

WECX Presents:
Streaming Party
March 3rd at the new cafeteria patio - 8pm Full beverage service with two forms of ID.

WECX Presents: Triton Tip Off After Party @ McArthur Gymnasium

Celebrate the Triton Tip Off with WECX. Get some DJ tips on how to scratch - poolside! Now you'll actually look like you know what you're doing when you're at the back of the club air scratching. Stick around for the freestyling event. Details below:

WECX Presents:
October 23rd @ McArthur Gymnasium - 10:30pm - 1am

CMJ06: College Music Journal Music Marathon


October 31st - November 4th
Lincoln Center, New York, NY

from the CMJ website . . .

For the past 25 years CMJ Music Marathon has been a beacon for the world’s best new music, introducing thousands of rising stars at showcases and concerts at New York City’s most important venues. Early Marathon performances by bands from R.E.M. to the Beastie Boys, Green Day, Radiohead, the Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, the Killers, Arcade Fire and so many others helped launch some of music’s biggest and brightest careers, while legends like Patti Smith, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and James Brown have also graced CMJ’s stages, inspiring younger artists and seasoned professionals alike.

Today, more than 100,000 music professionals, artists and fans converge on the music capital of the world every autumn for CMJ Music Marathon and CMJ FilmFest, celebrating the very best in new music, film and pop culture.

WECX Presents: Cat Cheshire & Jun Bustamente at the Triton Pub

Jun Bustamente Cat Cheshire

The Pub celebrates its newly sanded floors with some experimental indie folkishness:

WECX Presents:
Cat Cheshire and Jun
September 29th @ The Pub at Eckerd College - 9pm

WECX Presents: Mouse Fire and Rude Squad at the Eckerd College Back to School Rush

Rude Squad Mouse Fire

That's right. Some damn fine indie rock and ska/punk to start off the new semester. Check the bullet points, nephew:

WECX Presents: The Back to School Rush with
Mouse Fire and Rude Squad
August 25th @ Hough Quad
9pm - midnight