Dedicatory Candle Lighting

Friday, May 18, 2007, 4:15 PM

On behalf of students past, present and future who have found and will find in this place enlightenment and inspiration;

On behalf of trustees, faculty and staff who have found and will find in this place a visible expression of the foundations of this academic community;

On behalf of alumni who hold in their hearts memories of worshiping in this place when the future is bright with possibilities;

On behalf of families, guests, and distinguished visitors from around the world who share here the spirit that sustains and uplifts the College;

On behalf of those who have celebrated and will celebrate here important beginnings: convocations, baccalaureates, weddings;

On behalf of those who have and will gather here to remember and mourn those who have died and give thanks for their lives;

On behalf of faithful ministers of Word and Sacrament who have and will at this altar proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God;

On behalf of the Presbyterian Church USA whose covenant with the College finds embodiment in these walls and these services;

On behalf of the generous donors whose support has made possible the renewal and refurbishment of this holy dwelling;

And on behalf of all those seeking minds and faithful hearts of generations past and generations yet to come who have and will sustain this sacred space at the center of the house of learning,

We light this candle to express our dedication of the Wireman Chapel to the glory of God.  May light perpetual shine upon it.

Lloyd W. Chapin                                  
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty