The Chapel Comes Full Circle

To be in the Chapel on the campus of Eckerd College is to be in a circle of worship, faith, learning, and history.

The structure was envisioned and built as a sanctuary-in-the-round, where those who gathered would see others' faces as they worshiped. For nearly 40 years, people of all faiths and no faith have sat in its pews and felt the power of being together in this sacred space.

As the location of dozens of freshman convocations and baccalaureate services, the Chapel has seen thousands of students arrive at this College, learn and grow, and leave again, ready to pursue noble lives of purpose.

The Chapel encloses history in its walls - the history of a College founded on Christian principles, the history of a campus built on faith, the history of a building used for worship, artistic performance, and education.

As we reaffirm the importance of this Chapel in the life of Eckerd College, the Chapel continues to encircle us with its original purpose - as expressed in the first dedication service - to develop the spirit of love, understanding, and forgiveness.

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