Trustee Emerita Martha Rudy Wallace made a significant lead gift commitment in May 2004 to renovate the Chapel. With the enthusiastic endorsement of the Board of Trustees and gracious agreement of the Wireman family, Mrs.Wallace then led a campaign in the name of Billy O.Wireman for a Chapel renovation fund.

Other significant gifts and commitments have been made by Trustee Emerita Anne M. Hoerner;Trustee Mary E. Miller '97 and her husband, Dan; Trustee Emerita Deedie Simmons; and Trustee Grover C.Wrenn '64 and his wife, Suzie. All of these commitments are being matched by the challenge gift program established by Trustee Miles C. Collier and his wife, Parker. Many others have made gifts to the Chapel Renovation Fund, and a list of contributors as of May 1, 2007, appears below.

Mr. Robert L. Adams '72
Peggy Herbert Allum '71
Dr. and Mrs. James J. Annarelli
Dr. Marigene Arnold '68
Dr. Carol Ann Baily '69
Mr. Paul S. Beiser '77
Mrs. Louise Dabbs Bevan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Bisset
Bredenberg Family
Ingrid Bredenberg '70
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs.William C. Brown
Henry B. and Julie Burroughs '02, '03
Mr. Charles M. Caldwell, Jr. '72
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd W. Chapin
Dr. J. Stanley Chesnut
Mr. and Mrs. Miles C. Collier
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Conover
Mr. James B. Curley, Jr. '73
Ms. Suzanne E. Dameron '77
Dr. Sarah K. Dean
Dr. and Mrs. James E. Deegan
Dr. Gary L. Dunbar '71
Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Eastman III
Ms. Margaret C. Felts '73
Mr. James S. Fleming '75
Mrs. Sigrid S. Flor '80
Mrs. Linda S. Gatewood '71
Mr. Thomas U. Gessler '72
David and Valerie Gliem
Mrs. Laura Mae Gold '73
April Chamberlain Hargett '74
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Harley
Ms. Mary Harrell-Sesniak '76
Dr. Leonard F. and Mrs.Virginia Ann Henry '64, '64
Mrs. Anne M. Hoerner
Ms. Susan Hoffius '74
Mrs. Carolyn R. Horton '64
H. T. and Dee Houchins '64, '65
Mr. and Mrs.William R. Hough
Mr. James M. Howard '73
Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Hubbard
Rev. Jeannie M. Hunter '01
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Irwin
Mr. Benjamin J. Jacobson
Mrs. Jeannie G. Jones '65
Rev. Barbara Jordan '68
Ms. Janet Trussell Kehoe '74

Ms. Mary Louise Kibbey '72
David and Megan Watson Kramer '98
Mr.Wilmer S. LaBrant '64
Mr. Rudolph M. Loney '78
Mrs. Susan A. Lukens
Rev. Dr. David W. and Mrs. Sharon P. McKee '67, '67
Tinker McKee
Mr. Erkki Taada and Dr. Lisa A. Mets
Mrs. Joan E. Michie '73
Mr. Daniel P. and Mrs. Mary E. Miller '97
Richard G. and Beth M. Miller '64, '65
Ms. Bonnie H. Miyake '72
Mrs. N. Eileen Moon '65
Bonnie and Mickey Parker
William H. Parsons
Peter and Yvonne Pav
Hon. John B. Phelps III '65
Mr. Michael E. Pique '73
Mrs. Linda Jo Platt '66
Mrs. Jane D. Rayborn '65
Mrs. Brenda Bevan Remmes '69
Mrs. Jean C. Ring '66
DeeLynn and Scott Rivinius '88
Mrs. Suzanne Scurlock-Durana '75
Dr. Henrick and Gretchen Serrie
Dr. Robin L. Shallcross '75
Mrs. Deedie M. Simmons
Mr. Steven W. Stambaugh '73
Mr. James M. Stamps '73
Mrs. Teresa K. Stefaniak '73
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Stewart
Rev. Dwight Tawney '68
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Terry
Mr. Chris P. Trakas '78
Dr. Deno P. Trakas '74
Mrs. Susan M. Vastine '64
Mr. Arthur P. Villwock '67
Cheryl and Michael Walker '72
Mrs. Martha Rudy Wallace
Dr. Kathryn J. and Mr. Sterling Watson '69, '69
Mrs. J. Patton Weldon '64
Mr. Falco L. and Mrs. Sally J.Witkamp '75, '75
Mr. and Mrs. Grover C.Wrenn '64
Mr. Harold J.Wright '66

In memory of Alberta Kirkpatrick Rousseau

given by Dr. and Mrs. Donald R. Eastman III