Nearly fifty years after its founding as Florida Presbyterian College, Eckerd College continues to be "related by covenant to the Presbyterian Church (USA)" - but what does that mean? In what sense is Eckerd College Presbyterian or Christian, for that matter? What is the result of that continuing covenant relationship?

The answer is as various as the 10,000-plus Eckerd alumni who have ingested the special approach to the life of the imagination and the spirit that abides here. Quite a few Eckerd students have gone into the ministry after graduation; most, perhaps all, have engaged in community service, which in its breadth and intensity is a hallmark of the Eckerd experience.

Our curriculum, our traditions, our special take on how to build a college community and how to prepare students to build a better world - now so aptly described in Loren Pope's book Colleges That Change Lives - are all fed by the enduring energy and concern expressed in the original covenant between Florida Presbyterian College and the Presbyterian Church.

This Chapel serves as the focus of Eckerd College's commitment to the centrality of the life of the spirit, whatever form it takes, and its house of God, by whatever name He, or She, is called.

How fitting it is that a College which has from its inception welcomed all faiths and all races from all nations recommits itself to that mission in the name of Billy O.Wireman, its second President, whose warmth and vision encompassed the whole world.

May His name, and his name, be praised.

Donald R. Eastman III