The Women's Resources Committee

The membership of the Women's Resources Committee is broadly representative of all persons in the college community concerned with women’s interests and groups. The committee will have a core membership of two faculty members (who will serve as Co-Chairs), one staff person, one administrator, and one student. Any other person in the college community who wishes to be aligned with the work of the Women's Resources Committee will be considered an ex officio member. It is the responsibility of the committee to: 1) Develop programs that promote awareness of women's issues, both across the campus and beyond. 2) Sponsor programs that improve self-understanding among women, and encourage community understanding of gender issues. 3) Determine what areas of study and subsequent action need to be taken in order to bring about an increase in the number of women occupying positions of responsibility in the college structure. 4) Advise on matters related to equity in the areas of hiring, salaries, and working conditions. 4) Make such recommendations to the Dean of Faculty as may be relevant to the programs of the college.

Committee Membership

Carolyn Johnston, Professor of American Studies and History, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Jewel Spears Brooker, Professor of Literature, Ph.D., University of South Florida

Heather Vincent, Assistant Professor of Classics, Ph.D., Brown University

Mary K. Meyer McAleese, Associate Professor of Political Science, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Davina Lopez, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Ph.D., Union Theological Seminary, NYC

Lora Reed, Assistant Professor of Management, Ph.D. Capella University