WRC Poster The Women's Resources Committee has a long and illustrious history. Founded by Margaret Rigg, Professor of Art, in 1965, the committee's purpose was to engender a community for women in the college, and to advocate issues of equality. The committee sponsored social, political, and artistic events. During this time frame, there were few women on the faculty. Therefore, one of the goals of the committee was to address this gender imbalance.

The next major phase of the committee began in the late seventies, and continued into the 90s. Faculty members who were very committed to the work were Carolyn Johnston (who served as chair for over fifteen years and wrote a CETA grant to help staff the women's center), Julie Empric, Nancy Carter, Margaret Rigg, Claire Stiles, Sarah Dean, Judith Green, Suzan Harrison, Jewel Spears Brooker, Marti Newbold, Erika Sophrer, George Meese, Tim Beal and many others. The committee has a membership composed of faculty, students, staff and administrators. The meetings are open to all in the community.

The committee also oversaw a space which was housed n the Epsilon complex apartment for many years, until Fox Hall was renovated. Currently, the Women's Resource Center is located in the back of Fox Hall. The committee has had to constantly justify its utilization of space, and has done so successfully. The committee was involved in advocacy for equality, programming for women's events including Take Back the Night marches and rallies each year, Women's Week cultural and intellectual events, scholarly seminars, conferences, workshops on sexual harassment, domestic violence, sexuality, women's health, rape, careers and politics.

Margaret Rigg

Margaret RiggMargaret Rigg received her MFA from the Chicago Art Institute and an MA from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education. She began teaching Visual Arts at Eckerd College in 1965 when the school was still known as Florida Presbyterian College, joining with Robert Hodgell and James Crane. For eleven years prior to her arrival at Eckerd she was Art Director for motive magazine, a progressive Methodist publication. Margaret Rigg retired in 1998, following thirty-three years of teaching at Eckerd. She was a Fulbright scholar in Korea in 1973, and has traveled extensively elsewhere, most particularly in Japan and Nicaragua. She has had over sixty one-person exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, South America and the Caribbean. An exhibition of her work was included in the 1987 Cultural Olympics in Seoul, Republic of Korea, and her work as a calligrapher was once featured on a CBS special telecast I Need to Hear From You. She was founder and first president of the Florida Gulfcoast Society of Scribes, and continues to be active in the community through that society as well as the Society of Friends, and the Florida Artists Group.