About Winter Term in Argentina

Spanish Language Immersion Amidst the Natural Wonders of Argentina

Argentina is the European melting pot of South America and home of the tango. During this winter term course students will discover its cultural richness while studying at the foothills of the majestic Andes.

Students are learning Spanish while living in historic Cordoba, Argentina's second largest city. Founded in 1573, it was one of the first Spanish colonial capitals of the region. Strolling along the streets, one can see the many historical monuments preserved from the times of Spanish colonialism.

Situated at the northern tip of a triangle between Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Cordoba is a picturesque city of a million nestled at the foot of a mountain range known as the Sierra Chica. Because of its proximity to the mountains, Cordoba is a perfect base for excursions into the natural beauty of the Andes.

In addition to enjoying the impressive landscape there are many cultural and sporting activities available and colonial villages to visit. Each of these villages offers its own unique cuisine and crafts. From its history to its natural beauty and hospitable citizens, Cordoba provides a wonderful learning opportunity.

Whether students are just beginning the study of Spanish or completing a major, the intensive classes are an enjoyable way to earn language credit. Classes meet four hours each day, allowing time to practice during planned excursions and free time in and around Cordoba. Students will live with host families.

Winter Term at Eckerd College

Each January students have approximately 15 off-campus destinations in which to spend a winter term in courses designed and led by Eckerd faculty. Others use the winter term to pursue independent study in a specific area of interest or attend classes offered on campus. For more information, and to see other Winter Term trips, visit The Office of International Education