21 of Eckerd's 24 team members reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

President Donald Eastman and his wife Christine met up with the team for the Serengeti portion of the trip prior to visiting another Winter Term group in Cape Town, South Africa

Team member Craig Altemose completed his world tour of the 7 continents, having visited the continents of Africa, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, and South America through Eckerd

More Eckerd College Winter Term 2006 Destinations

Letter From the President

We recently completed Winter Term 2006. As many of you know, the Winter Term is the cornerstone of our study abroad program. This Winter Term we had a record enrollment of 275 students who participated in 18 programs, 13 of which were outside the continental United States - a 19% increase in participation over Winter Term 2005! For our faculty and staff who accompany students to destinations around the world, this is a considerable undertaking and one that I am grateful so many embrace enthusiastically.

For two of the last three years, my wife Christine and I have participated in study abroad by joining one or more of our groups of travelers for a portion of their trips. This year, we met students completing a leadership program on Mt. Kilimanjaro for a safari in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, and then flew to South Africa where another group of students was working with the Amy Biehl Foundation to help the poor living in the townships of Cape Town.

It is difficult to put into words how meaningful this trip was for us. Africa is so different from the United States, both culturally and in the fundamental ways we live our lives. Every one of us - students and staff alike - was deeply affected by our experiences and found the trip extremely thought-provoking. Most importantly, many of the students with whom Chris and I spoke seemed to gain valuable insights into their own futures and to have made strong friendships with their fellow Eckerd College travelers.

Rarely having opportunities to spend long hours with students, Chris and I were reminded of how unique, generous, serious about their studies and fun-loving Eckerd College students can be. I hope these brief reflections will remind you of your own study abroad trip or give you some insight into what your Eckerd student might experience. For more information about our international programs including photos and student reports from Mt. Kilimanjaro and South Africa, please click here.

Though most of our students are already thoroughly engrossed in their Spring Term studies on campus, 32 others are off on their own study abroad adventures. I wish them safe travels and extraordinary insights.

All best wishes,

Donald R. Eastman III