21 of Eckerd's 24 team members reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

President Donald Eastman and his wife Christine met up with the team for the Serengeti portion of the trip prior to visiting another Winter Term group in Cape Town, South Africa

Team member Craig Altemose completed his world tour of the 7 continents, having visited the continents of Africa, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, and South America through Eckerd

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About The Team

The Kilimanjaro team consisted of 24 members: 1 team leader, 20 student leaders and 3 business leaders.

Team Leader
Peter "The Hammer" Hammerschmidt - Professor of Economics, Senior Trainer and Research Associate for the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College (Prof. Hammerschmidt has led Eckerd College Winter Term groups around the world, including Mt. Aconcagua and Antarctica).

Business Leaders
Darrell Bullington, MD - Ophthalmologist at Suncoast Medical Center
Keith Burton - President of Insidedge (Employee Communications) in Chicago, IL
Alizza Punzalan-Hall - Director of Community and Media Relations at Eckerd College

Student Leaders
Leah Abuza '07, Environmental Studies
Thomas Albanese '07, Business Management
Craig Altemose '06, International Relations and Global Affairs
Thomas Alves '07, Philosophy
Ezra Beaver '08, Environmental Studies
Joana Cardao '08, International Relations and Anthropology
Jack Cramer '09, Biology
Josh Coldiron '08, Environmental Science
Daniel Fickett '08
Coleman Frick '07, Environmental Studies, minor in History
Sadie Funk '06, Anthropology, minor in Spanish
Daniel Harman '08, Physics and Philosophy
Luke Herring '08, Business Administration/Investment Finance
Sandy Miller '07, Biology and Philosophy
Laura Shedden '06, Environmental Studies, minor in Geology
Amy Strother '08, International Business, minor in French
Matt Taylor '05 , Environmental Studies
Jan Trienekens '07, Marine Geology
Claire Tucker '08
Sarah Wegner '08, International Relations and Global Affairs

Kilimanjaro Teams

Forever Y
Daniel Fickett, Jack Cramer, Leah Abuza, Craig Altemose, Sarah Wegner
Motto: "Poa Kachesi Kama Ndizi"
Mascot: The domesticated zebra
Song: "The grand ole team of Eckerd" (tune of "The Grand old Duke of York")

Sandy Miller, Joana Cardao, Luke Herring, Jans Trienekens, Sadie Funk
Motto: "Reach Your Summit"
Mascot: Rafiki, the baboon
Song: "Ain't no summit high enough" (tune of "Ain't no mountain high enough")

Team America World Explorers
Ezra Beaver, Matt Taylor, Tom Albanese, Laura Shedden, Claire Tucker
Motto: "The X Factor"
Mascot: The Rover
Song: "The students go climbing" (tune of "The ants go marching")

The Yellow Bike Winners
Daniel Harman, Amy Strother, Tom Alves, Coleman Frick, Josh Coldiron
Mottos: "Become Legendary" and "Not Here, Not Today"
Mascot: Tree hyrax
Song: "My, my this kili climb" (tune of "American pie")