Brian Cohen

Age: 21
Sign: Aquarius
Hometown: Clarks Green, Pa

Why are you in this class?

I chose this class because I have always wanted to learn about movies and go to a famous festival to watch movies before they come out to theaters.

What does independent film mean to you?

Independent films to me, means that you have the freedom to what you want, and shoot the movie however you want, without higher authority film people telling you what to do.

Who is your favorite director?

Steven Spielberg

What is your favorite independent film?

Garden State or Napolean Dynamite

What do you like in your films?

I like all types of movies

If you were to make an independent film, what would it be about?


If you had to make an independent film, how would you get the money (be honest)?

Not a clue?

What is the most exciting thing about going to Sundance?

Getting to watch the movies before they come out to theaters and meeting the stars who show up for their movies

What is the longest amount of time you would be willing to wait in line for a film?

15 minutes