Janelle Guillory

Age: 20
Sign: Taurus
Hometown: Beaumont, TX

Why are you in this class?

I have been interested in independent film (and all movies) for some time, and the Sundance film festival always seemed an elusive opportunity which has now come true

What does independent film mean to you?

Any film that did not have full studio backing (financially or ideologically)

Who is your favorite director?

Kevin Smith (Clerks through Dogma, not the latest 2 movies)

What is your favorite independent film?

Argh... too many. Clerks, Secretary, Pulp Fiction

What do you like in your films?

Humor, sarcasm

If you were to make an independent film, what would it be about?

Religion (or lack thereof) or loneliness

If you had to make an independent film, how would you get the money (be honest)?

My college fund

What is the most exciting thing about going to Sundance?

Seeing movies that will later use the Sundance appearance in their trailers, TV spots, and posters

What is the longest amount of time you would be willing to wait in line for a film?

Depends on how uncomfortable I am during the wait... max 1 hour though