Katie Castonguay

Age: 21
Sign: Libra
Hometown: Brooksville, FL

Why are you in this class?

I am in this class because I want to extend my knowledge of film. I will admit that I do not know a great deal about independent films except for the fact that I enjoy them much more than mainstream cinema, because they are individualistic and challenge the mind to open and accept new concepts all the time. Also as a theatre major and aspiring actress I am interested in being an indie actress more than I ever would mainstream, not that I wouldn't do mainstream but I would prefer to be on stage or in independent film. Hopefully both. In fact just recently in my hometown I was in one as a reporter researching the mysterious death of a 1940's jazz singer. It was called Suicde or Sudden Death. The director is hoping to enter it in some festivals when it is finished. It was quite an experience unlike any other and I even had an offer to make another film this summer called Keys. I'm not going to lie I'm pretty excited about it.

What does independent film mean to you?

Independent film to me is an expression of individuality. It is different compared to anything else and any other art form imaginable. There is no end to the possibilities film has created.

Who is your favorite director?

I don't necessarily have a favorite director at the moment but one that I admire is Werner Herzog. He is bold, funny, creative, insightful, and willing to sacrifice himself for his art. In my eyes a true artist takes their craft seriously but enjoys the hell out of it. I find any director's style inspiring when they take out the major dramatic or important events out of the film and simply show the audience what everyday life really is. It is indecisive, messy, boring much of the time. It isn't all car chases and lovemaking so I really enjoy directors who show life not fantasy.

What is your favorite independent film?

Oh geez I hate this question. It is impossible to answer because I have so many that I like but no actual favorites, plus I'm not sure I've seen enough of them to actually have a favorite.

What do you like in your films?

I enjoy bold choices by directors. When they have the balls to try something that has never been attempted. I'm sick and tired of linear plot junk too. I always look for new inventive cinematography, for instance angles that are rarely used, bigger use and play on sound. I really dig films that you have to piece the story together and actually think about what is or will happen later and then finding out if you were right. I really enjoy comedy that is laugh-out-loud-wet-your-pants type of comedy, which is also really hard to accomplish. Oh yea and I hate chick flicks or at least the unrealistic ones. In real life the girl doesn't get the guy, sorry ladies.

If you were to make an independent film, what would it be about?

If I were to attempt an indie film I would want to show behind the scenes of Broadway/ musical theatre. True I know films of this sort have been done so it would be nothing new, however my twist would be that it takes place in the early 1900's somewhere in Europe. The premise would be actors under the pressures of auditioning and joining the world of performance art, because as we all know no art contains an easy field of acceptance so I think not only would actors relate to this but also anyone interested in show business such as filmmakers, tech and camera crews, costume designers etc because this film would characterize all of those people who are involved in putting together a successful show.

If you had to make an independent film, how would you get the money (be honest)?

I'd sell my soul to theatre, not that I haven't already. No I would ask and beg and plead people, probably sell some stuff. Buy sell trade. Whatever works, if it is something a certain audience I know would be interested in then I would go towards that audience asking for their support especially artists, although they don't have any mullah either. I guess I would get my self over seas and scrounge for pennies and support there, especially if it takes place in Europe anyway.

What is the most exciting thing about going to Sundance?

I am excited to see the films mostly. I know, I know isn't that the reason to go is to see films but it is actually something I have wanted to do for a long time and experience an actual film festival. I've been to theatre competitions / festivals and even music festivals full of all new age performance art but never to a film festival.

What is the longest amount of time you would be willing to wait in line for a film?

Well I don't think I will sleep in the snow if that's what you mean, but if im really interested in the director or prospect of the film I think I would wait a couple hours, maybe. I wouldn't want to freeze my ass off either if there is a good chance of not seeing the film.