Michael Hopkins

Age: 19
Sign: Sagittarius
Hometown: Washington D.C

Why are you in this class?

I love film, and I am excited to get the opportunity to learn about more independent films.

What does independent film mean to you?

I think that an independent film is a film that is made independent of any major studios filling it with crap. A lot of films today are filled with product placement and cookie cutter themes. Independent films are independent of this.

Who is your favorite director?

Michael Bay

What is your favorite independent film?


What do you like in your films?

The ability to relate to the characters is a very big deal to me. Films have the power to make social comments, and I think that writers and directors do not use this power enough.

If you were to make an independent film, what would it be about?

The different perspectives people see.

If you had to make an independent film, how would you get the money (be honest)?

I would probably beg my parents and then start selling my stuff lol.

What is the most exciting thing about going to Sundance?

I'm really excited to go see honest films by people who really just enjoy making films. There's so much garbage made these days, its nice to be around people that just enjoy films.

What is the longest amount of time you would be willing to wait in line for a film?

I would probably wait in line for a movie for a week at most. It sounds crazy, but I love a good movie.