Amanda Chappell

Admission Counselor

Franklin Templeton 114
Domestic: Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Wisconsin

Hello there! I am Amanda Chappell, a Pacific Northwest native turned Florida resident, ready to help you decide if Eckerd is right for you. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English at Saint Martin’s University in Lacey, WA, where I first discovered the power of a liberal arts education. Growing up in Washington state, I learned to love my green and mountainous backyard, but after graduating from college, I craved something new and exciting. Here at Eckerd College, the average student travels 1,000 miles from home to attend our liberal arts institution, where students are challenged in classes outside of their major as part of our well-rounded education. It is in these courses that you will notice your strongest academic growth. 

Studying abroad is something that made my undergraduate experience so special, and here at Eckerd we encourage every student to take advantage of our accessible global programs. Whether it’s a three week faculty-led research trip during winter term, or a semester-long stay at our London Study Centre, the options for international education are abundant. 

College can feel overwhelming at times, and the period of adjustment for first-year students can feel lonely. However, Eckerd’s unique Autumn Term is a 3-week “mini-mester” prior to the fall semester, where all first-year students move into their dorms, take a class in the mornings, and participate in orientation activities in the afternoon. Students will also be introduced to their first faculty mentor, who will help guide them through their college experience.

Eckerd is truly a distinctive place and I want to help you decide if it’s the place for you! If you are in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, or the Carolinas, please feel free to reach out with any questions. I am always happy to meet new people and can’t wait to aid you in your college search!